Where We Work

Sprout Group operates through two major geographic hubs, Asia and Europe. 


Our Europe hub comprises Sprout Group’s operations in research and marketing sectors covering principal markets in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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The group is one of the leading biodegradable, plastic free solution providers in its chosen sectors. 

Our aim is to leverage the scale and efficiencies of our proven value proposition to generate profitable revenues in our core markets, collaborating with like-minded clients and partners who value the certainty of our approach.

We will complement this approach by building leading positions in selective growth-oriented sectors and geographies with the right strategic and cultural fit.


Our Asia hub comprises a diversified project portfolio through principal operations in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The business has developed its scope, reach and capability by offering an attractive alternative to the traditional competitors. It is increasingly taking leading positions in carefully manufacturing environment friendly disposable products. It is also supporting the local causes and development through exporting fair and organic products collected from our community farmers. 

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