Management Policy

Sprout Group is a professional, responsible and active player in its industry. We know our customers, we keep our promises and we are a flexible collaboration partner .We care about people, the environment and results. We perform our work safely and with quality in mind. We are committed to continuously reducing the environmental impacts caused by our operations and to preventing the contamination of the environment. In all our operations, we take into account the principles of safety, continuous improvement and sustainable development, environmental aspects, energy efficiency, and effective laws and regulations. We require the same of our stakeholder groups as well. We are initiators and innovators. We continuously carry out systematic development work to find new solutions and to meet customer requirements. We accept challenges and continuously develop our work methods. We reform and renew together.We pay special attention to the work atmosphere and to occupational and product safety, and we comply with good manufacturing practices. We aim at open interaction and communication, taking our employees and our stakeholders into account. The company’s management and employees are committed to these operating principles and to the continuous improvement of our company’s operations. This Management Policy has been communicated to personnel, and it is available on the company’s intranet. Operating principles are updated in conjunction with management reviews. Sprout Group’s Board of Directors has approved this Management Policy on 8 January 2021.

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